There is a growing concern about essay mills and contract plagiarism. The government, which has appealed to student bodies, sees the problem as a threat to academic integrity. A new report is expected to recommend a sector-wide policy to fight contract plagiarism. The government has not ruled out further strengthening the law. However, it will remain prudent to avoid relying on essay mills to submit your work for you. A recent study by the Quality Assurance Agency found that many universities have lax anti-plagiarism policies.

The purpose of an essay is to demonstrate the knowledge of a particular subject and to showcase the writer’s abilities in that field. It can be related to management, sociology, political science, or any other topic. A well-written essay can demonstrate a clear understanding of a particular subject and can help students perform their job roles. In addition, it improves the student’s grammar and sentence formation. This can be particularly valuable in a job interview.