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Dee McClain joined the Navy as a teenager and worked on an FA-18 fighter jet. She eventually wanted to learn more about the technology industry, and she became interested in pursuing a career in engineering. As a result, she utilized the G.I. Bill to attend college and earn a degree in engineering. Now, she works for the world’s leading heavy equipment company and is a techdee. To learn more about this innovative career, visit

Dee began her career as a tinker and quickly realized her aptitude for technical work. Growing up, she wanted to become her own boss, so she sought out technical education in high school. When the G.I. Bill became available to her, she enrolled in a local community college and received an engineering degree. Today, she’s a techdee and continues to work on her dream. If you want to become a techdee, you should sign up for this program!

Dee has always been a tinker and recognized her talent for technical work. She wanted to be her own boss and pursue her passion for technology. While she was in high school, she didn’t have the opportunity to take technical courses, so she took classes online. She’s now one of the leading heavy equipment trainers in the world. She hopes to continue her education in the future as a techdee. If you are interested in becoming a techdee, sign up today! You can’t go wrong.

Dee was always a tinker, so she knew her passion for the technical field early on. She grew up in a family with two teenage children and soon decided to pursue a career in engineering. She’s now one of the most sought-after heavy equipment instructors in the nation. In addition to becoming a techdee, she has also become a certified construction technician. The position allows her to work on a variety of projects, from building roads to designing homes.

As a former military recruit, Dee had always loved to learn and work with her hands. She realized that she had a knack for technical work and wanted to be her own boss. She found a recruiter with Sunstate Equipment, which led to her current position as a heavy equipment trainer. In just a few years, she has become a techdee. This means that she loves what she does. She’s passionate about learning new things and being an expert in her field.