How to Write Well-Structured Problem-Solution Essays


How to Write Well-Structured Problem-Solution Essays


An essay on a problem-solution should be detailed. You should clearly define the problem, its causes, consequences, and possible solutions. You should also explain how the solution will improve the problem. If you’re writing about a specific problem, you can include real-life examples of the problem and what can be done to fix it. You should include facts, statistics, and testimonials to support your proposed solution. You should conclude the essay with a solid conclusion, which won’t leave open new arguments, but will provide closure.

For problem-solution essays, choose a problem that affects the working world. It can be anything, from communication breakdowns to the lack of communication between colleagues. Remember to consider the viewpoint of your target audience when drafting a problem-solution essay on a particular issue. You may want to write about student debt, for example. The government should adopt policies to limit student debt and protect consumers from predatory lenders. Students should also be protected from prohibitive debts by colleges and universities. If they cannot afford a college or university, state governments should be allowed to enforce a student fee.

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Problem-solution essays often use three paragraphs to describe a problem and possible solution. A thesis statement, a solution, and examples all appear in the body of the essay. The solution will be in the last paragraph. The essay should be well-structured to be readable and easy to read. An example of an obesity problem-solution essay follows the same structure. It begins with a topic sentence, then follows up with a summary of the main problem.

Another popular essay topic is a problem-solution problem. It is an argument essay that focuses on a problem and proposes a solution. The solution may be one of several possible solutions or it could be multiple solutions. Either way, the problem should be defined, as it will be the basis of your argument. Once you have a problem, you can then proceed to explain the solution in detail. This can be a complicated or time-consuming process, so make sure to research the topic thoroughly.

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