EssaysCounty: Essays and Other Writings From Southern California


EssaysCounty: Essays and Other Writings From Southern California


Several books featuring essays and other writings from Southern California have been published in the past few years. This collection of work is especially valuable for those interested in Southern California history, politics, and culture. Essays and research on local government and politics are included in this collection, which was produced with the help of a grant from the Cynthia DeFord Adams Fund. To learn more about the essays and research published in this volume, please visit essayscounty.com.

The trade-marked 10-step process was developed after a series of workshops conducted by Janine. Her ideas were later shared in four popular writing guides and an online course. Before creating EssaysCounty, Janine worked as a reporter for newspapers and an editor for lifestyle magazines in Orange County. Now, she tutors college admissions students one-on-one or in groups. She also trains private college admissions counselors to use her process.