10 Steps to Plan Your Essay

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10 Steps to Plan Your Essay


It is important to organize your essay points into a coherent plan. Use index cards or sticky notes to list them and then reorder them to make sense. Avoid reiterating the same point over again; instead, use the main ideas as the basis for the entire essay. Make sure that your main points are supported by examples and evidence from your personal experience. In addition, the order of your paragraphs should flow seamlessly and make sense.

Once you have your outline in place, write down the key ideas. Each key idea should be at least 200 words, or one or two sentences. The last step before you start writing is arranging the ideas into a coherent body. It should be clear where you will place key ideas. For example, if your essay is 1500 words, you can break it down into sections of two to three hundred words each. As you write, the essay will start to emerge.

After you’ve written your essay plan, you can make minor changes as you go along. Make sure that any changes do not disrupt the original scheme. A strong essay plan will also make writing an essay more efficient. It is best to write a draft of the essay before making any changes. You can always adjust it later if necessary. This way, you can easily revise it if it is no longer working well. And if you want to be creative and make changes in the content, you can also do that.

A good essay plan will help you stay on track and ensure that your argument is well-supported. It will also help you to avoid thinking too much about a particular topic and will help you stay on topic. Here are 10 steps to plan your essay:

Before you begin writing, you should spend half an hour brainstorming your subject. Write down your thoughts about the question, its scope and various aspects. Make sure to note down the sources from which you can get further information. Then, use this outline as a guideline to keep things in order. This will help you decide how much information you want to include while maintaining a balance. You can also check the word limit of the essay to avoid plagiarism.

An essay plan allows you to write strategically and organize the major points before you finalize the order. It will also allow you to correct 80% of the essay’s problems by fixing the overall structure. If the essay is not well-structured, the main problem could be with the topic. Once you have a good plan, you can write an essay that is clear, concise, and effective. A good essay plan will make writing a pleasure.

A good essay writer plans out their topic before writing the first paragraph. They may make spelling mistakes, but they generally have clear, coherent ideas that are easy to understand. Teaching this process will help students become more efficient writers. In addition to helping students write better essays, a good essay plan will help you avoid the most common mistakes that plague the writing process. Once you master this technique, you will be able to write essays that will impress your professor.