How to Get High EssayMarks


How to Get High EssayMarks


When a student is writing an essay, there are several factors that they need to be aware of, in order to get a high essaymark. First, they must understand the essay requirements, so that they can write an essay that meets them. The essay needs to be well-structured, which means that it needs to have a clear case statement in the introduction, a body that explains this argument, and a conclusion that shows their final stand on the text. The essay’s marking criteria cover the entire process of writing an essay, from the planning stage to the submission. Fortunately, there are still ways to earn high marks, including following these tips.

Firstly, students should be aware that low essaymarks can have a significant effect on the overall grade of a course. If all the other papers in the course have high marks, a low essaymark can lower the overall grade, or be viewed as an aberration. In these cases, it is important to know what to expect. It is a good idea to create rubrics for each paper and make copies of them. Students tend to do better when they are aware of the expectations and can easily achieve them.

O Level English essaymarks are based on the Cambridge marking scheme. If you are unsure of the marking scheme used for your essay, consult your teacher. The marking scheme will determine whether you get the highest marks for using fancy words or using the right words. Furthermore, your teacher will need to know the flow of your ideas. Make sure that you do not jump around from one idea to another or make abrupt stops. If the flow of your ideas is illogical, the teacher may penalise you for this.

Third-grade essays are usually poorly written and will not get you a high grade. You may have a good knowledge of the subject, but the presentation is weak. Your essay may include a lot of quotations and may not have a good grasp of the subject. Therefore, you should make sure that you explain all that you know, not just paraphrase it. Also, make sure that you do not miss any relevant material and use it to explain your ideas.

A fourth aspect of marking an essay that needs to be carefully checked is plagiarism. You should check for plagiarism by looking for passages that have been copied from other sources, or even with altered words. These passages should be free of plagiarism and should be free of errors. This is because plagiarism is an extremely serious offence. If you find any plagiarism, the essay may receive a fail mark. You should never plagiarise. If you find that a passage is plagiarised, then you have copied it.

Another important aspect of essay writing is articulating the thesis. The better you can argue a point, the higher your essaymark will be. If you have an argument for your point, make sure you use specific sentences and don’t dance around it. You can also boost your essay marks by using proper punctuation. Good punctuation creates flow and highlights your writer’s strengths. Many students fail to do this, so using punctuation correctly is crucial to getting a good essay mark.