How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay

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How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay


In the first paragraph, describe the problem and state your thesis. The thesis will be the solution to the problem. Make it one or two sentences long. You should make sure to get the reader interested by describing the problem from the reader’s perspective. Ultimately, your goal is to persuade the reader to consider the solution. Using examples of similar problems, provide statistics or studies that support your thesis statement. Address any obvious rebuttals to your thesis.

The body of your essay should describe the solution to the problem, including evidence to support the solution. You should also discuss the potential objections to the solution. Ultimately, you should be able to convince the reader that your solution is the best one. The conclusion should make the reader want to implement the solution. Once you have defined the problem, you can move on to explain how you will implement it. Throughout your essay, make sure to provide a convincing argument.

Problem-solution essays are a common form of persuasive writing. The goal is to explain a problem, convince the reader of its importance, propose a solution to solve it, and dismantle any objections. Most problem-solution essays follow a similar format as other types of essays. They have an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. The most important part of your essay is the problem itself and the solution you propose.

Problem-solution essays are usually longer than the traditional five-paragraph essay. The first paragraph explains the problem, followed by three body paragraphs that describe the solutions. The last sentence calls the reader to take action. Generally, problem-solution essays follow a block structure. Each paragraph has a topic sentence, an explanation, and a final call to action. If you’re not sure how to write your essay, read our sample essays and find out how you can make it better.

Problem-solution essays are about solving a problem in the workplace. Some examples of workplace problems are poor communication or technology. You can write your problem-solution essay from both employee and employer perspectives. However, you must keep in mind the audience and the purpose of the essay. If it’s for a college audience, you must consider the perspective of the employer. You must also consider the viewpoint of the audience when writing a problem-solution essay.

You should start your essay by describing the problem in detail. If possible, include your own reactions and the solution. Make sure your essay is persuasive by using emotional appeals. You’ll have a better chance of a good grade if you start with a problem you’re passionate about. You may also choose to discuss a problem you’ve had in the past. And once you’ve identified the issue, you can begin developing the solution.

If you’re writing an essay on climate change, consider how your country’s foreign policy and economics can affect the world. The United States should engage in dialogue with China and other heavy polluting countries. Marketplace policy should also be geared toward the creation of green technologies. Lastly, make sure to build coalitions of grassroots activists to push for change. Target corporations, the US government, and the UN. Consider this before writing your essay.