Writing a Trust-Essay


Writing a Trust-Essay


What is the purpose of writing a trust-essay? To answer that question, we will examine why trust is important to society and how it can be achieved. Trust is a fundamental component of our society. For example, we trust our captain to keep us safe when we are on an airplane. Yet, more of us are starting to distrust our government and other members of society. This distrust may be based on association or cause. In both cases, the result may be the same – a lack of empathy. Mistrust in a community can result in dishonesty behavior, passive aggression, and even violence.

Having someone you can trust is a wonderful feeling. This is especially true if you are in need of help or advice. It helps to build trust with those you care about. However, trust must be earned if you want to enjoy the benefits of that relationship. Often, a trust-essay will include personal experiences and describe the importance of trust in our lives. We must also consider the consequences of ignoring or failing to earn the trust of others, including those who have harmed us in the past.