How to Craft a Winning Additional Information Section

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How to Craft a Winning Additional Information Section


Your Additional Information section is not a place for random musings about your life. Include only information that is critical to understanding other information in the application. Don’t make the mistake of turning this section into a diary. Keep it professional and compelling. Here are some tips to help you create an impressive Additional Information section. You can also use this space to explain unusual or anomalous aspects of your application. In the first instance, explain a medical condition or childcare concern in detail.

Another option is to leave the Additional Information section blank. Generally, students are advised to keep this section brief and concise. If they want to use it, however, they should be as succinct as possible. The Additional Information section is not required on all applications, but it is an important part of your application. Make sure you use it sparingly and clearly. Remember that your Additional Information section will be read by admissions officers, and this section could make or break your chances of acceptance.

While listing extracurricular activities in the Activities section is a great way to highlight your involvement with community organizations, remember that 150 characters may not be enough. It is better to list at least ten meaningful activities. If you do have more than ten extracurricular activities, combine them into one entry. This way, it will be easier for the admissions committee to evaluate your overall application. For example, if you were on the soccer team for four years, you shouldn’t list your activities under a single category.

When composing your resume, be sure to include all relevant information, including extracurricular activities, professional memberships, volunteer work, and cultural affiliations. These activities can set you apart from other applicants, so they should be included. Moreover, it’s important to remember to avoid putting personal information in this section. If it’s relevant, make sure it’s related to your career. If you have any other experiences that are related to the job, consider adding them.

Additional information is the information that you include in the road show presentation. If the Transferor approves these details, they should be included in the Additional Information. Further, the Additional Information may contain additional documents that were not included in the original submission. Further, if it has been used as part of a road show, you can include it in the Additional Information section as well. However, be sure to check the Transferor’s approval before making a decision on whether to include additional info in your application.

The Additional Information section is usually an optional part of your college application. The format of this section will differ between different colleges. In general, however, it is best to discuss any extenuating circumstances that led to a bad grade. Be sure not to elaborate too much, however. Your extenuating circumstances should explain what happened and why you received a bad grade. Alternatively, you can include your resume, extracurricular activities, and additional test scores.