The Definition of Success – 89 Synonyms of Success


The Definition of Success – 89 Synonyms of Success


The definition of success is an accomplishment of an individual’s personal goals and ideals. This is the opposite of failure. Success means attaining the desired outcomes and attaining favor from others. According to the dictionary, success is the state of achieving a goal, vision, or purpose. It may also refer to gaining wealth or fame. There are many different words that define success. In this article, we look at 89 common synonyms.

The definition of success varies from person to person. Some people consider success to be a sense of achievement and well-being. Others define success as the ability to contribute to society at a higher level. Without success, civilizations and societies would cease to exist. It can be personal, social, or economic success. Regardless of the definition, success is the achievement of desired goals and objectives. Once achieved, success can provide a person with confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.